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Practice Management Coaching

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At Practice Management Coaching, Our Clients Close More in New Business Development Revenue within the FIRST 12 Months.




"I accomplished my goal for the year of bringing in $100k in new business revenue by the end of September. Three months earlier than I expected. Thanks."  Aaron Messing, Esq., CIPP



"Without the All Access Private Coaching Program, I would probably be doing the same old thing, achieving the same old results. Now I have totally revamped my business. I hit the ground running from the very first meeting and I have seen positive results at each and every step. This has resulted in a significant increase in new business and a renewed sense of purpose. My only regret is not starting sooner." Felicia Garland, JD, CFP

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Why Are You Not Increasing New Business Development Revenue?



  You're spending tons of time networking, but not getting the referral volume you need


  Don't have enough leads


  Have plenty of leads, plenty of prospects, yet not enough conversions


  Are you too busy with business development to follow up with all of your referrals


  Are you looking for more referrals from current clients, and yet they aren't as robost as you like?


  Taking too much time to find prospects?


  Struggling to find new business




Practice Management Coaching Will Help You:



  Develop Your Unique Sales Position (your message may not be on target)


  Clarify on your Target Market (you may not be talking to the right people)


  Grow Your Referral Network (are you really asking for a referral or just hoping for one)


  Build a Lasting Funnel (the one that provides all the leads you need)


  Close More Business with a Proven System (one that you love and feel good about)


And a whole lot more….


"Thank you for staying in touch and being a "life line." I attended your talk at an Ellevate meeting a few months ago and have had your book on my desk since. Your talk resonated on a lot of levels, but I had a lot going on at the time. I recently met with a mentor who lit a fire regarding a number of consulting strategies I've been mulling over. I think your Results Formula will provide a structured approach for me to organize my thoughts, outline key activities, and focus on a prioritized plan to achieve results. Thank you for providing me with the push to get me going, and thank you for your periodic emails.

I hope to be a Results princess...."

Paula Goldstein, PhD, CPA. Strategic Finance and Operations Executive


"Within the first 4 months, I achieved last year’s new business development goal. I am on track for a substantial increase in new business revenue. The All Access Private Coaching Program has given me the confidence, the language, the tools and the accountability to achieve more than I ever dreamed of."

 Gerald “Jerry” Shanker, CPA/ABV, MST, KRS


Make this YOUR Growth Year!    

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