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Business Development Program


If you are responsible for expanding your client base, this Business Development Program will be a life saver for you.  We understand “sales” generally is not in your wheelhouse, but in this ever-changing business environment, many of you are asked to bring in new business. This 12-month program is completely different than anything you have experienced. We will train you to be a relationship builder. And in becoming a relationship builder, you will learn how to help people buy what they need, how to ask the right questions so that you will become their problem-solver, and how to understand the person across the table. We want you to be comfortable, so nothing we do will take you out of your comfort zone!



You can expect to triple your investment through new business activities.

Our 6-month program is divided into four segments: Realignment, accountability, expansion, and mindset. We will help you tackle areas that may have been obstacles for you in the past.


6-Month Business Development Program:


1.   Change your “elevator speech.”
2.  Develop a personal mission statement
3.  Develop the stories that go with your elevator speech and mission statement
4.  Marketing
5.  Define your target audience
6.  Define your hunting grounds



Most people have never been held accountable for new business development.  Imagine how much better you will be with scheduled business development activities. And remember there is nothing we do that will make you feel uncomfortable.


As you build your relationships, we will teach you a fool-proof way of gaining referrals, the “ 6 Killer Questions™” and how to become a great question asker, using LinkedIn in your new business strategy, upselling and selling to different personality types.


Here we change direction and go from skillset to mindset. Mindset might be your biggest obstacle. You’ll learn about Caveman Brain™ and how it might be preventing you from the success you seek. Managing your mindset is a lifelong activity, so we’ll teach you how to overcome resistance, and how to stay on top once you hit the summit.

As part of the program, you will receive:

Group Coaching – three one-hour group coaching calls a month for six months

Individual Coaching – three phone calls with various coaches available over the six-month period.

We Will Keep You On Track with the Morgan Stanley Exclusive Six-Month Business Development Program!

By Developing new business, you can secure your future.

Gone are the days when professionals such as yourself could sit back and wait for clients to find you.  We live in a competitive world, and your future hangs in the balance.