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Caveman Brain™: Business Development Master Class


The Caveman Brain™: Business Development Master Class is a program that reveals how the certain primal instincts (inner caveman) affects new business development. The master class demonstrates how to control these primal instincts to attract more potential clients, close more business, and feel great about it. Financial advisors who are constantly worried that they will be perceived as pushy, salesy, or aggressive in their new business development efforts would benefit greatly from discovering how their inner caveman affects their work. This program is designed to address these worries by providing tools to monitor the inner caveman. Overcoming these obstacles allows financial advisors to attract at least one new client every month without feeling pushy, sleazy, or weird in any way.

By implementing strategies from the Caveman Brain™ Business Development Master Class, financial advisors will be able to channel their inner caveman towards closing more new clients and growing a financial practice. Most people try to implement new strategies on their own and see some success, but then they hit a roadblock or get stuck. This master class bridges the gap between a financial advisor’s current level and a financial advisor’s maximum client capacity level that results in filling the funnel, attracting more potential clients, and propelling financial advisors forward toward closing more business and adding one more quality client their financial practices every month.

The master class is a 6-module “Training on the Tools” workshop that provides step-by-step exercises, templates, scripts, and videos that will lead financial advisors through the process. In the first module, financial advisors will discover how to realign their mindset. In the second module, they will find out how to identify and find their ideal client. The third module discusses how to build relationships and engage clients. The fourth module demonstrates how to use accountability systems. In the fifth module, the master class provides the techniques, processes, and solutions to continuously expand a financial practice. The sixth module goes over future roadblocks and how to overcome them. This information is proven to work and can be used by anyone immediately. Following these techniques and strategies will guarantee a fuller funnel and will add one more quality client to a financial practice every month.

The Caveman Brain™ Business Development Master Class also comes with a 30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.


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