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Jean’s Growth Gem April 18th

Jean’s Growth Gems’ mission is to provide insights you can use

This week’s noted point:  Finishing the Race

On Sunday I crossed the finish line for my first half marathon (2:40:35). I learned a lot from that run which I know will crossover into my business and personal life. Here is what I learned from the race:

Consistent Training

Most of us want to learn something, apply it and be done with it.  I have found, through running, that you have to always be consistently training because that is how you are strong enough to finish the race.

Preparation and Organization

Most of us do not prepare enough.  We don’t read enough.  We don’t organized enough and we may not have the materials we need to get the job done.  Since I have taken up running, I read my monthly running magazines to get the information I need to be at the top of my game.  I spent Saturday with my running partner, gathering and organizing our running supplies as well as figuring out how warm it was going to be on race day and what clothing we needed to wear.   Have you ever run in a garbage bag?  It keeps you pretty darn warm.

Hang with the Experts

I ran most of the race with the 12 minute pacers.  These two women who are experience runners who imparted knowledge all along the racecourse.  They actually trained to be pacers.  I learned a lot from hanging with the Pacer Women that I could apply in this race and in future races.  Biggest lesson…it all comes down to small steps and keeping your head high.


Many of us are loners or DIYers. However, running in the race I realized how much a community can help you crossover the finish line.  Finding a community can be hard, however, once you find your people let them help you.  If it hadn’t been for Julianne, Stacey, Michelle, Bettina, Michelle, Dominic, Rosanne, the lady I ran with from mile 11 through 12 and the two amazing college girls I ran with from mile 12 through the end, I would have never finished the race.  It was these specific people and the community as a whole that got me over the finish line.  Thank you.


As I have said before, I am running because I am building my mindset.  Being truly successful means that you keep going when everything including your mind and your body says NO!  It means living outside of your comfort zone.  I have been there and it may not be pretty, however, with a strong mindset, you can get the job done. It is the strength of your mindset that will determine how successful you will be in both in business and in life.

I have already picked my next half marathon to run…Want to join me?

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Growth Gem Viewpoint:  “Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise just like the muscles of the body.” – Lynn Jennings***********************

April 18, 2016

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