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Jean’s Growth Gem February 22nd

Jean’s Growth Gems’ mission is to help readers prosper

This week’s noted point:  Great Customer Service

How happy do you make your clients?

On Sunday night, my family went to a new restaurant.  It was my son’s birthday.  While the food was good, the service wasn’t.  First, the waiter spoke way to fast about the specials so I had a hard time understanding him.  Second, when he brought us the drinks he asked us if we were hot because he informed us that he was sweating. (Can you say ew?). He spilt a drink on my daughter.  He didn’t say he was sorry and left the mess on the table.  Finally, never asking if there was a special occasion to celebrate, something that I have seen lots of other places ask,  needless to say no one sang my son the “Happy Birthday” song.

Think about the customer service that happens in your business.  Do you and those you work with do everything they can to make your clients/customers happy?  Does everyone even know what the happy client standards are?

Unless you define your happy client actions, you run the risk of not having happy clients.  I would suggest that you start having the conversation with those that you work with.  Figure out what everyone is willing to commit to.  Develop your happy client plan.  Implement it and start measuring the outcomes.   Adjust accordingly.

Having a happy client can be worth a lot to your business.

Growth Gem Viewpoint:
“One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of Advertising.” – Jim Rohn

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Growth Gem View Point: “Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results” – Anonymous


February 22, 2016

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