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Jean’s Growth Gem March 21st

Jean’s Growth Gems’ mission is to help readers prosper

This week’s noted point:  Opportunities

We have all missed opportunities in business.  The question is did we miss the right or wrong opportunities?  Are you paying attention to the opportunities that come your way?  Do you ask yourself what made this happen and what can I learn from it?  Too many of us in business have our heads down just doing the work.  I call that working in your business.  However, we all need to pick our heads up and start working on our business and not miss those valuable opportunities that can change our teams, our departments, our divisions and our companies.Are you looking up or looking down?  What opportunities have you missed that you really wished you hadn’t?  Stop missing opportunities now.

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Growth Gem Viewpoint:
“He could have chosen my colt, but he didn’t.  Now I’ve got Secretariat and he’s got a horse named Missed Opportunity.” – Penny Chenery Tweedy

March 21, 2016

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